Hotel Bohemia lobby
"We all come from different places"

An original musical play by Juan Zuleta

31 May 2024 @ 19:30 - Festivalna Dvorana Ljubljana. Age 12+


After our premiere in December last year, our team is ready to show you around Hotel Bohemia again!

Hotel Bohemia cast photograph

Hotel Bohemia has seen better days but within its walls friendships arise, love affairs hide, careers start, and some shadows occur.

Vidal, an immigrant full of dreams and hopes just sets foot in the beautiful, lively and sometimes brutal city. His ambitions, plans and desires lead him into this crumbling hotel, where he has to face the reality of being a no-one for the first time in his life. On this journey, he meets Viola, the boss, Jean, the handyman, Laura, an aspiring actress who’s trying to prove her worth and independence, and the stars of a rock’n’roll band staying at the hotel.

Hotel Bohemia is a story about immigrants, who try to achieve their dreams and prove themselves in a new country.

Hotel Bohemia is the first original international musical that premiered in Ljubljana. It addresses many important social issues; violence, sexual abuse and the challenges faced by immigrants in a new country, such as discrimination, cultural differences, and language barriers.

The creators aim to put on stage a powerful and thought-provoking work that will raise awareness about these issues, promote positive change in our community, and inspire people to take action when needed.

We believe that this musical has the potential to make a real difference and a positive impact on the lives of those who experience violence and immigrant disadvantages.

Our cast and crew consists of individuals from various countries, including Slovenia, Colombia, Italy, England, Hungary, Argentina, Portugal, and Russia. This diverse composition adds a unique intercultural aspect to our production.

Festivalna Dvorana Ljubljana

Vilharjeva cesta 11, 1000 Ljubljana

31 May 2024 @ 19:30

Igrajo / Cast

Ansambel / Ensemble

Plesalke / Dancers


Nekateri kostumi za “Lauro”, “Viktorio” in “Marka so kostumografsko delo / Some of the costumes for “Laura”, “Viktoria” and “Mark” are designed by NIKA DERMASTJA

Kostumi za zbor in plesalce so z dovoljenjem Gledališča Šentjakobsko, Pionirskega gledališča in Pionirskega doma / The costumes for the choir and dancers are courtesy of Šentjakobsko Gledališče, Pionirski Teater and Pionirski Dom.